Why men love sites about big tits

Have you been wondering why men love sites with big tits’ contents? It is not a theory, this is the truth. If you secretly watch your husband, chances are he is likely to be following a site about big tits. No hard feelings should come with this. Men are just naturally oriented to love big tits. Well, let’s say most of them because there could be a few who don’t really like big boobs.

Big boobed ladies happen to be very lucky in grasping the attention of many men. You could be fairly beautiful but have big tits and that’s enough for you to get all the attention that you want. I am pretty sure most of the ladies with big tits have very successful sites of just exposing their boobs and they get a lot of traffic from men. Different men like big boobs for different reasons but of course the main reason is that big boobs look very sexy.

The reality about why men love big tits

1. Nature

There have been researches done by medical professors on why women tits are important in a man’s sexual life. Eighty percent of people choose big tits over small tits. Well, after all the research it was perfectly concluded that tits are naturally designed to improve men’s urge to make love even when they don’t have any feeling. So now if this is true, it so happens that big tits are the best in doing this. Almost every man says they love big tits.

2. Feministic likability

A group of men believes that the size of a woman’s breast dictates her level of womanhood. This means that women with big tits are more lady-like as compared to women with small tits. This is understandable because we all expect women to have breasts. This group argues that real women should have big tits. These are the men who are mostly addicted to visiting sites with big tits.

3. Parenthood

This is so funny. There are these men who argue that women with big tits are the best mothers. Basically, they mean that the bigger the tits the more food there is for the children in terms of breast milk. Funny, right? This was mostly considered in the past in different communities. Traditionally big boobed women meant good and sufficient mothers.

4. Fun and pride

Party men love big boobed women. Why do you think this is so? Generally, a lot of people love big tits. Even women admire other women with bigger tits. When partying, a man will feel really proud when having fun with a big boobed woman as compared to small tits. He will feel great watching other men admire his date for having big tits. Having the company of a lady with big tits feels great. When making dance moves, making out and other intimate stuff, it seems more fun doing such with big boobed ladies.

As men love big tits, consequently they have to visit sites with big tits to enjoy watching them and having a fantasy about having such women with big boobs.

Best adult sites for gays

With the big rise in the gay world, comes with a big rise for gay cam videos and dating sites too. Nowadays gender and sexuality issues are not considered conventional anymore, instead, they are left for individuals to decide for themselves. This is very clear as many states have already legalized gay dating and even gay marriages. There are many websites and applications that are even making dating easier.

There are many mingling sites for gays. Hypothetically speaking, this stuff make it less stressing to date. Many are taking relationships to another level in this era. People are finding their dates sites such as Facebook and other sites. People no longer have to wait for fate to bring them together, which makes perfect sense in this time and era.

Here are the top sites for gays

Since there is a high rise in the number of gay adult sites for dating, each site is trying to offer the best services to secure a good marketplace and customers for itself. These sites also create room to share videos recorded via gay cams and enjoy any kind of intimacy.

1. EliteSingles

This is one of the most commonly used dating sites for gays. Many gays give stories about how they met on this site. It’s also one of the oldest sites with a lot of users ranging at around 30,000,000. The outstanding feature with this site is that it has a strong personality evaluation that facilitates the matching of users. At first, you have to fill a questionnaire with around 29 aspects of personality. It offers around 10 hook up suggestions for you every day.

2. BiCupid

This site is for gays and bi-curious sexual. It is also frequently used by people and offers all kinds of dating traits. What many people say about this site is that it is amazingly easy to use. You only need an email and a few pics to sign up. Despite not having a lot of personality interrogations, the site offers good services and experiences.

3. Adam4Adam

As you can see, this site has an outstanding name. You don’t need to be told that it is a gay site. There are very many gay couples out there who say they met in this site. One distinguishing feature about this site is that it is kind of a casual one. Many hookups offered here are casual in a way. On this site, you have to be active since their systems can sense up to a 10 days inactivity period. It is easy to set up an account.

4. PinkCupid

This is one of the most regularly used sites for Lesbians. It was developed a long time ago around 2006. It has so many members and also a strict personality check, offering good and viable hookups.

If you are a gay out there searching for your partner, then the dating sites above could work for you. Try them.

Best sites with great webcam models

In connection with the popularization and development of the webcam industry, more and more new webcam sites and resources appear. Therefore, many models have a problem of choice. For each girl that starts being a webcam model, it is vital to make the right choice of website

Of course, the success of a webcam model depends primarily on his or her external parameters, character, and other abilities. For example, someone earns better in free chat, and someone else does it better in private chats. The first question that interests the most is the number of solvent visitors and the profitability of working on the site, but you should not forget about the tools that exist on this or that website.


This website is one of the most difficult, and at the same time, it is one of the most profitable. Models who managed to pass the casting and raise their cam score rating can earn from $ 500 to $ 5000 per month. It is enough to have 1000 cam score rating for such earnings.

There are also many models with ratings reaching 20,000 – 40,000, whose income can reach up to $ 50,000 per month. However, only the most beautiful and attractive girls can survive on this website. 

The primary audience is from the USA, Canada, Australia, and Eastern Europe.


For more than 10 years, ImLive website provides a reliable platform and great opportunities to earn for people. Various promotions for models and costume parties regularly happen there. It all depends on the model, and every person has a chance. There is also a delightful House of games mode in which guests pay for some specific model actions.

Audience: 50% Eastern Europe, and the rest are from the USA and Canada.


The site administration diligently monitors the quality of the video chat. There are many categories, and each webcam model will be able to find the right one for herself. Earnings are high and can vary from $300 to $3000. But for this, you need to fulfill a number of requirements, upload high-quality photos to your profile, and make the right lighting and high-quality image.

Chat categories: 

  • Girl Alone; 
  • Guy Alone; 
  • Girl-Girl (Lesbians); 
  • Girl-Guy (Couple); 
  • Guy Guy (Gay); 
  • Group (3 or more);
  • Mature Female; 
  • Fetish; 
  • Transgendered.


It is an old and well-advertised site with restrictions on free chat. This webcam site is suitable for both new models and experienced ones. Convenient and intuitive working console model makes the job easier. Working on this site, you can earn decent money from the very beginning.

Check top 5 adult live chat sites

Got tired from the gruesome daily routine and don ‘t have any desire to create a serious relationship with the girl? If you want to indulge yourself with the hot chick or guy having a gorgeous body then adult cam sites is a perfect solution for you. Recently, this kind of entertainment gained great popularity among the people and that isn’t surprising. Only imagine: you can have fun with the girl in a real-time just with the help of your web camera. Let your deepest horny demons out and check those best live cam sites for adults.


It is one of the coolest resources for the seekers of really hot stuff as it offers a wide range of options. You can experience live sex with top cam models or please yourself with alluring photos as well as HD videos. Be sure, girls there are ready to fulfill all your secret desires no matter how dirty they are. You can use Chaturbate is for free but in case you want to extend its functional package then you will have to spend a few dollars a month.


LiveJasmin provides its visitors with an explicit range of all the possible forms of sexuality. It occupies the top positions among the known live chat sites and is highly appreciated by its users. Thousands of the sexiest girls are waiting for your attention. The administration of the site is extremely strict to the models, that ‘s why the videos are of the perfect quality and their appearance is absolutely divine. You are also able to pop into the live chat rooms. LiveJasmin is an absolutely charming experience.


This is a brand new platform specially created for people who aren’t afraid to free their lust. Visit it and please yourself with the frivolous, passionate girls. There are various categories presented here. Don ‘t hesitate and start the chat with the girl you like the most and believe, you won ‘t regret.


Camsoda is like a large book with the greatest erotic fantasies where sexuality is the main idea.  You can discover the huge collection of erotic videos appealing to your personal taste. Generally, the site may be used for free, so you are able to admire the show without paying. After the registration, you will get 100 tokens and you can use it to watch the erotic games in real time.


It’s a genuinely professional resource made to make their clients feel ecstatic. Mostly, all the girls are relaxed and hang-loose, who desire to please you at best.  Even in a free chat, you can make the girl to take off her clothes or to do some hot stuff only for tips. Ladies are aware here what to do to excite you.